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cross categorical

ready to wear collection studying mans relationship with nature

fall winter 20/21

Photos by Lisa Helland 
Sage Dye Updated Mood Board.jpg

on creating the mood


    The inspiration for the collection came about from a personal experience where a 15 year old boy caused a forest fire that raged in my hometown for 3 months and destroyed the forests I used to hike in & explore as a child. Because this forest land had been kept under fire suppression tactics for years, the unnatural fire was drastically worse than if the forest had been allowed to naturally burn. 

     The color palette was created by taking the natural tones from burning forests and exaggerating them to an artificial level to represent human corruption.


Fit process.jpg

Knit sampled and created using STOLL technology. Designed in tubular jacquard with zero waste fringe


Unisex fit process: adjusting between model sessions to settle on a fit that flatters a range of bodies

Sustainability is not new, and is not going anywhere. Many brands are finding approaches that work into their company’s current structures, and are slowly reducing the impact for the planet. My goal was to create a collection with as low an impact as possible, with as high quality as possible. Looking to companies like Bethany Williams, Nike, and Eileen Fisher, I was able to draw and build upon their techniques. Through this exploration Anthropyre was able to come to life. 

Studio 16.jpg
Photo by Lisa Helland
Studio photos by Lisa Helland, outdoor photos by Sage Dye
Garments hanging in Towner's Woods
Outdoor 18.jpg

On creating the color story

When I visited the forest that had initially inspired my collection, I was struck by the sea of colors across the environment. From deep blacks of charred bark and the muddied oranges of pine nettles, to the countless tones of greens dancing in the treetops. Nature is not a single shade of clementine or spring green. I decided to embrace the variation and include a range of exaggerated earth tones. The consistency of my collection is created through a singular story line, key surface details, and purposeful repetition of shape and material. 

Outdoor family photo.jpg
Outdoor 3.jpg

Anthropyre is a celebration of the potential of sustainability, and of fashion itself.

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